Assessment Centre Mentoring

Assessment Centre Mentoring

From time to time, we are subject to various applications in the assessment centres of institutions in order to move from one position to another on the career path we have drawn for ourselves. These practices are designed to measure the competencies required by the position we are preparing to get. These application results show us how much our current competencies meet the requirements.


However, from time to time, participants do not know exactly what is expected of them in these practice centres. Or, they may not have much knowledge about how to show which competence, but they may have developed a wrong point of view. This is exactly why Assessment Centre mentor coaching plays an important role.


Purpose: To ensure that the candidates who will enter the Assessment Centre have knowledge about the process and have experience and the right perspective on how their competencies will be evaluated.


Evaluation Centre Mentor Coaching can be completed in different times in line with the needs and competencies of the person.

What is aimed?


  • Understanding the Assessment Centre logic
  • Clarifying the concept of competence
  • Developing a perspective on how to exhibit behaviours that demonstrate competence
  • Be familiar with the Assessment Centre practices and enter the process with confidence
  • Understand how they can effectively demonstrate their competencies in practices similar to Assessment Centre practices

For detailed information about our programs, you can send an e-mail to or contact us on 0 216 709 17 37.

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